Why I made an About.me

It’s official – personal analytics is hot and here to stay. We’ve been heading in this direction for quite some time, with Facebook and Google leading the way. Businesses, organizations, and some bloggers have been wrapped up in analytics for years, but now the general public will finally get a taste of personal branding fever. The hottest new player in the hottest new market is About.me which offers a free personal “splash page” (kind of like an online business card) along with a simple, easy-to-digest analytics dashboard. You can see data like how many people have visited your page, how much time they spent looking at it, and how they found it in the first place. It’s only 3PM on Day 1 and I’m sure I’ve checked the dashboard 5+ times! I have officially fallen into their monetized trap of self-obsession.. Oh yeah, here’s my splash page: about.me/sparker

I’ve actually been waiting for About.Me or something like it ever since I came to Silicon Valley. Everybody around here has a spiffy, colorful homepage that shows a unique blend of their professional and fun-loving identities. Despite my love for the Internet and my “programming experience” from CS 105, I’ve never gotten around to designing and building my own website. I barely have time to figure out how much “Community Manager”, how much “Stanford student” and how much “Asian Pop Fan” to include in a blog.. or maybe I’m just a lazy Senior at heart. However, I have certainly jumped on the social media magic school bus, and my profile & posts are spread out all over the Web. It’s great to have one place to pull together many of those profiles and present them in a neat, simple fashion for whoever’s interested in learning a little more About me.


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