Taste the Flavors of Korea with these Dramas!

We hope you’ve worked up an appetite, because this week is all about Korean food! As one of the most cherished and unique aspects of Korean culture, food (such as kimchi) is at the center of many Korean dramas and movies. So try something new and enjoy this week’s delectable features on Viki!

Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum) is one of the most popular K-Dramas of all time. With the beautiful Lee Young Ae playing the lead role of Jang Geum, this is the story of how a common girl can rise through the levels of Korean society and become the royal chef in the King’s palace.

Feast of the Gods (신들의 만찬) is an exciting story about two young women competing for the chance to take their place in the culinary dynasty of Korea. In true K-Drama fashion, the real “heir” to the dynasty was lost as a child, and must later prove her cooking skills against the girl who was adopted in her place.

Pasta (파스타) is a romantic comedy starring Gong Hyo Jin as an aspiring pasta chef in a restaurant run by a ruthless, sexist head chef, played by Lee Seon Gyun (the nice guy in Coffee Prince). With mouth-watering Italian cooking scenes and chemistry in the kitchen, what’s not to love?


Immortal Classic (불후의 명작) revolves around the iconic dish of Korea: kimchi. One family has kept the secret recipe of the best kimchi safe for hundreds of years, but a small restaurant claims to serve an even better version. Watch this show to find out whose kimchi will prevail in the end!

Le Grand Chef (식객) is a Korean movie about a young chef named Sung Chan, who competes against his rival for a place in cooking history. But when new information about his family’s past is revealed, Sung Chan must make hard decisions about his future in the competition and as a chef.

Gourmet (식객) is a 2008 drama based on the movie, Le Grand Chef. This show stars Kim Rae Won as a modern Sung Chan, who runs a small food truck and has a passion for traditional Korean cuisine. Nam Sang Mi and Kim So Yeon also star in this delicious drama.

We all know that Korean Dramas would not be the same without the great food, so enjoy these videos and tell us which Korean dish is your favorite!


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